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    The Story behind Crowd-Mining.io

    It all started after the big boom of Bitcoin 😭😩. My business partner Domenic Haag and I (Patric Pfoertner), invested our profits from our Web-Agency called Wolf-Gate, into different Cloud-Based Mining Companies like Genesis Mining and Hashflare. And you guessed it, the big crisis happened and we quickly came to realize that a 1-year contract or even a 3 years contract would never pay back the initial investment. But Why? Not because the Bitcoin was crashing down to the 7000$ Mark, no, because the so-called „Difficulty“ or the Share on a bitcoin transaction you get as a Mining company was decreasing to little. Otherwise, mining would have been still very profitable 😒...

  • Domenic Haag Head of Sales for Bitcoin Mining Kits

    Domenic Haag

  • The steadiness of the difficulty led to the initial crisis because with the same mined Bitcoin, which was now valued at 5500$ a piece, it simply didn’t cover the energy bills. And like everybody else, we detected that our entire Bitcoin revenue was instantly taken away from us to cover those electricity bills. But it was not only us who lost their money. Friends and family who invested, because of our recommendation, lost theirs too.

  • The Masterplan.

    This was the moment when we decided, to start our own mining operation. Our vision was to do it better and to be better. And the master plan was very simple. Step 1 Find a suitable location with cheap electricity. It should be in Europe because of political stability. And build a company right there. Step 2 Get an EORI number to be capable of import business. Start importing the first machines and scale the entire mining operation. Step 3 Create an online investment platform for people outside the family and friends cycle. Step 4 Reinvest into renewable energy with the aim to become 100% self-sustainable.

  • Our Bitcoin Server Warehous

    Step 1

    First Bitcoin Antminer Import

    Step 2

  • Crowd-Mining.io Platform Programming

    Step 3

    Renewable Energy for BITCOIN MINING

    Step 4

It´s getting serious.

  • In February we founded a new company in Bulgaria, which is a member of the EU. We called our "baby 👶" the IT Solutions PD LTD. (Yes IT Solutions LTD was already taken).After we finished Step 1 and acquired our EORI number we promptly imported the first Antminers from a „supplier“ we discovered on alibaba.com. We settled for 10 Antminers 13 TH/S each costing „just“ 1500$ which was still 700$ under the value of the market price.

  • We agreed to the terms of the supplier. He sent us via Skype the bill and we were quick to „lose“ the 15.000$. Days passed by and the "supplier" mysteriously disappeared. We soon realized that the goods would never arrive. It was one big scam 🤬. The cheapest supplier was fake. We were blind enough to give away our trust so easily. With a deep hole of 15.000$ in our pockets, we refused to give up. We continued our journey.

Finding the Source 🧐

Time passed by while we interviewed more suppliers and found a straight connection to the main producer of Antminers. We were finally ready to import our first load. It took the goods two full weeks to arrive in the Bulgarian customs. And it shall take us two more weeks to actually release the goods from there. Even though that Bulgaria is in the EU, there was quite a huge bureaucracy in the customs department. Thankfully my fiancee could help us through those countless scenarios. As a native Bulgarian she did not only translate important documents, but she also knew how to handle the people responsible for the bureaucracy. So after the first successful import and customs clearance, we signed the contracts for a warehouse. A lease of 5 years should do the job of scaling out. And where would we be without our 24/7 security and our European insurance? Well, without them we definitely would not sleep that tight as we do right now 😴.

  • Server Warehouse Crowd-Mining.io

    The Warehouse

  • First Import of Bitcoin Miners

    First Import

  • First Shelves of BTC Server

    First Shelves

  • Surveillance System

    Surveillance System

Making a Difference

The first months passed by and we scaled the business from 10 to 170 Antminers. The first sales mostly happened in Germany. Our investors paid us three full years of electricity in cash. Otherwise, how could we possibly pay the electricity bills right now? Well, we truly meant it, when we said that we want to make a difference. The spring passed by quickly and scaling out in the warehouse worked well. Working 10 hours a day building an industrial cable infrastructure with our very reliable electricity team turned out to be a life lesson. The cables and safety precautions cost all together with the industrial fans and climatic pretty much 35.000$. Again, this would not have been possible if friends, family, and clients from our Web-Agency (Wolf-Gate) 🥳 would not have trusted us.

  • Installation of Cables for Bitcoin Miners

    Installation of Cables

  • Upgrading Switches BTC Mining

    Upgrading Switches

  • Importing Bitcoin Antminers

    More Imports

  • Ventilators for heat of Bitcoin Miners

    Installing Ventilators

Bringing it to the Point

And summarizing the last months.

Step 3 of our masterplan happened in the early summer 😎 when we decided to bring our own platform online. And trust me it was easier to connect all the Antminers in one network than coding the custom platform. It took us the entire summer programming the platform´s backend, which we coded in our favorite framework called Laravel. After weeks of testing, debugging and small frustrations, we decided to bring the platform live.

The frosty winter arrived and we gathered more investments and started to work on Step 4. A vision of self-sustainable mining. But like Elon Musk already explained „Starting a company is like EATING GLASS“. Right now we are facing the biggest challenge of all, to actually store our solar-energy. But we are working on this! Feel free to read more about our energy-production, or write with us in the chat, we would love ❤️ to hear from you! Or you could just hop on board with our 14 days free mining promo!

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